Thursday, March 10, 2011


Well, it's my bday. I'm 23, and that sounds really old. I haven't really accomplished much except for being awesome. Anyway, i'm in Florida and it's RAINING. Figures, that would only happen to me. Oh well, i'm going to facebook stalk, update this and drink my delicious salty dog.

On another note, you know what pisses me off? I'll tell ya. I was on the flight to Atlanta sitting comfortably in my isle seat waiting for everyone else to sit their asses down so we can leave and this lady on the other side of the plane, one row behind me seriously took the longest god damn time to sit down, and all the while she was inspecting her seat her ASS was ON my shoulder. It's was disgusting and uncomfortable and I could not get away from it. That sucked.

Florida has been great, except there's this stupid clock in our condo that chimes every hour and every half's pissing me off. That's about all I got for now...tonight is Idol and i'm sure i'll have something to rant about.  I'll leave you with this. :)

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