Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bob Saget

I'm cranky, tired, was a little hungover earlier, but whatever. FIRST EVER Blues game last night. It was AWESOME. I mean we didn't win, but i don't care. First thing i got to experience was a die hard Blues fan. So we're sitting in our seats and this group of 4 people go right below us and they're for real taking their god damn time sitting down. I wasn't gonna say anything,  but the girl behind me sure did. She lays into them like "sit the fuck down dude. I don't pay for season tickets to look at your backs" and all other things. It was GREAT. Anyway, tomorrow is the radio segment and I have a porn start story to tell. Tune in!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I meet weird people...

So listen. I think I might see the weirdest things in my line of work. I mean last friday at the radio station I met a porn star...that story will come later. But anyway, last saturday night at Bobby's this guy gets kicked out for being a drunk fool. Happens all the time right? Well apparently he was pretty serious about getting back into the he starts CHARGING the bouncers, like a freaking bull. So he's not getting back in, he started to try to climb this little ass tree, and then decides to pull off the branches and throw them at "'take that, i'm gonna ruin your tree!" It was quite the sight...

That's it for now bitches.  

Monday, February 21, 2011

Long Awaited...

Ok, so maybe it wasn't long awaited but i'm sure some people would like to hear what I think....maybe not. But i'm gonna do it anyway. Where to start, todays topic is.....BIEBER. I know all of you little homos love the biebs but I don't get it...I mean if it looks like a girl, talks like a should be a girl. And it should be getting it's period sometime soon. Does anyone else watch Idol? There's an amazingly talented 15 year old boy on there but of courseeee he won't get a crazy following...because he's fat. Sorry kid, you're a great singer and all buuuut you're a chubby ginger and I doubt girls are gonna want to jump those nuts.

I'm gonna tear up some commercials now.

Go drink some goldy. I'm audi 3000.