Thursday, March 3, 2011

Alright I suck

What's up weiners. So my bad and I haven't updated first story to tell is that yes, I met a porn star. Her name is anne marie rios, and no she doesn't deserve to have her name capitalized. Apparently she does some foot fetish shit. That's just weird. So we're on air and she's asking me if I would ever let a guy like lick my feet or something and i'm like bitch, no that shit is weird. And she's like but there are so many nerves in your feet and blah blah blah being all condescending and stuff and I just wanted to be like, girl, do NOT talk down to romp in the sack for a living. I have no respect for her...sorry? No, not sorry, I take that back. She probably makes more money than I will and i'm actually going to school and doing real work while she gets railed for thousands. Whatever, at least I respect myself. She wasn't even that cute...I definitely wouldn't want to watch her flop around all naked. No thanks.

What else is new in this exciting life of mine. Oh well i'm single. Got dumped through text. That's cool and all but it's cool. Next subject...

I hate when the bottom of my pants gets wet whilst walking through rain.

That's all.

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